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If you’re new to our online classes, you need to first sign up for MindBody:

  1. Select a class you would like to register for above, click sign up + create login
  2. Scroll down “Pricing and Packages” and click on “view” on the right
  3. Select the option that works best for you and create an account!

To redeem a promo code:

  • Select a class you would like to register for below
  • Create a login
  • Select pricing option (Active Member, Frozen Member Trial, etc)
  • Enter promo code for your pricing option
  • This will create your account, redeem the promo code, and register you for the class all at once!
  • Please note, promo codes cannot be redeemed through the MindBody app on your phone. However after you redeem a promo code, you can log into the app and use it to sign up for and stream classes!

Please email with any questions, suggestions, comments, or feedback.