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13 Days of action

Climbers Vote

Local and National elections are coming up.

Exercise your power.

We believe we all have a responsibility to use our platforms and voices to be a catalyst for change—socially and environmentally.

Turn up your volume.

Every voice in our community needs to be amplified. El Cap gyms exist to transform the world through the lens of climbing. Voting is what’s up, right now. Vote nationally. And locally. Our Team will be voting, for sure. And we’re gonna make some noise leading up to the election, and beyond. We’re hollering for voting rights, education, and access through in-gym and online events and partnerships.

Reaching beyond the ballot box.

Voting is just the beginning of our engagement. We remain committed to our internal work, individually and collectively, and know that there is far more to learn and do. Earth Treks, Planet Granite, and Movement have always taken a stand on environmental issues to protect the places where we play. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are our priorities. We support the communities where we operate through partnerships with many groups led by, and serving, BIPOC communities.


  • Ready and registered?
  • Accurately informed on the issues?
  • No longer silent on what matters?

Voter Resources