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Climbing Chalk & Chalk Bags

Please help us by keeping the original packaging and tags for any return or exchange.


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Vendor Product Size/Color Notes  Price 
Friction Labs Secret Stuff Hygienic PROMO – 2 for $25 $19.00
Friction Labs Bam Bam 10oz    $ 25.00
Friction Labs Gorilla Frip 10oz    $ 25.00
Friction Labs Unicorn Dust 10oz    $ 25.00
Friction Labs Magic Chalk Sphere    $ 10.00
Friction Labs Secret Stuff Original    $ 19.00
Friction Labs Secret Stuff Alcohol Free    $ 19.00
Black Diamond Black Gold 100g    $ 11.95
Black Diamond White Gold 100g    $ 6.50
Black Diamond White Gold Block 56g    $ 2.75
Black Diamond White Gold 300g    $ 13.50
Black Diamond White Gold Refillable Chalk Shot    $ 6.50
Edelrid Rodeo Small Chalk Bag Granita or Teal  $ 19.95
Edelrid Rodeo Large Chalk Bag Pine Green or Titan  $ 19.95
Organic Chalk Bag Random colors  $ 22.00


The Details

  • Payment will be taken at pickup
  • Use Retail Pickup to save time on your next in-gym reservation or get gear for your next outdoor adventure. Retail Pickup will simply put your requested items on hold for 3 days until you either pickup during an in-gym reservation or curbside.
  • Please do not show up early for your reservation as we have capacity limits for our gym.
  • If picking up curbside, call the gym on arrival. If you are a member you can add the purchase to your account, or you can pay over the phone by CC.
  • Please note that our inventory is limited and we will do our best to get you the product you request or find a suitable substitute. We have only listed our most popular products, but feel free to ask us about anything you’re curious about.
  • Returns and/or exchanges will be accepted within 45 days of open date or 45 days from date of purchase—whichever is later. Please help us by keeping the original packaging and tags for any return or exchange
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