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We built our home in a vacant building large enough to house an entire football field worth of climbing, yoga, fitness, and fun! As the nation’s largest climbing gym, Earth Treks Englewood features more than 400 routes set for a variety of climbing and movement abilities to keep you coming back for more. It is recognized as one of 10 great places to learn to rock climb, but most importantly, our gym serves as a gathering space for the neighborhood and community. 

1050 W Hampden Ave Suite 100 Englewood, CO 80110
(303) 242-3555

Upcoming Classes

  • Mobility

    Active Recovery

  • Strength


    Michael V.

  • Trail Fit (Class Full)


    Michael V.

  • Sport Climbing Outside (Class Full)

  • Flow (Class Full)


    Elan S.

  • Introduction to Rope Climbing (Class Full)


  • Introduction to Leading (Class Full)


  • Alignment (Class Full)


    Ashlyn B.

  • Introduction to Rope Climbing (Class Full)


  • Total Body Circuit


    Svetlana D.

  • Upcoming changes

    • No reservations needed, drop-in anytime
    • Masks optional for fully vaccinated guests (+2 weeks from your last shot)
    • Children, unvaccinated guests, climbing team, and coaches will still need to mask up
    • Social distance at 6+ feet
    • Use liquid chalk and chalk balls
    • In-person yoga and fitness classes are back!

    Since the latest CDC announcement, we’ve taken time to consider what the future months look like for all our Earth Treks and Movement gyms and communities.

  • Members Love

    • Unlimited climbing at all Earth Treks and Movement locations
    • Free clinics
    • Free yoga
    • Free fitness classes
    • Free guest passes
    • Free Intro to Rope Climbing classes for your friends
    • Free access to events
    • Discounts on climbing classes
    • Discounts on gear and apparel
  • Member Pricing

    Memberships start at $72

    We offer:

    • Student memberships
    • Individual memberships
    • Family memberships
    • Short-term memberships
  • Passes + Rental Gear

    Day pass: $22
    Online Class: $10
    7-visit pass: $139

    Rental Gear: Climbing Shoes $6, Harness $5, Belay Device w/ locking Carabiner $2, Chalk Bag $2, Package (all listed) $11.

Meet our partners

We partner with organizations that help bring down social and physical barriers to climbing and who are committed to preserving and protecting the planet.

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