Earth Treks, Planet Granite and Movement Climbing + Fitness give to organizations that help enable access to climbing and/or preserve and protect the environment.


We give to organizations that help enable access to climbing and/or preserve and protect the environment.

Our giving fund supports local and national projects that enable access to climbing and protect the environment. Many people don’t participate in climbing due to lack of awareness, access and resources. We believe engaging more people in climbing is key in creating supportive, kind and courageous communities that extend far beyond our walls. In addition, we strive to enhance the outdoor areas that make climbing special and are near and dear to our staff and members’ hearts.


1. 501c3 non-profit organizations

2. Organizations in/around the following metropolitan areas:
– Baltimore
– Washington DC
– Denver
– Portland
– Bay Area
– Orange County

3. National organizations that align closely with our giving purpose


Pictured: Environmental Learning for Kids in Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo courtesy of ELK.


We partner with national organizations that are extremely important to our community. They are the voice of climbers and our guide when it comes to safely exploring and protecting the outdoors on a national level. If this sounds like your organization, please email with more information, we’d love to meet you!

National organizations in our current giving program include: Access Fund, American Alpine ClubAmerican Safe Climbing Association, Big City Mountaineers and Outward Bound.


The staff you see each time you visit your gym play a key role developing relationships with non-profits in their local area. We recognize that local giving programs can often make a huge difference. This year, each gym will give gifts to local organizations that align with our giving purpose.  Projects should focus on the following:

  • Engage those who are unfamiliar with the transformative experience of climbing – encouraging an exploration of something new and courageous.  As a result, participants will experience the physical, mental and community benefits of climbing and carry this confidence to other areas of their lives.
  • Maintain, preserve and/or protect the wild areas where we all love to adventure.


It pains us to announce that we are unable to distribute funds for the 2020 season. Please check back in 2021 as we are forever committed to our community partners and can not wait until we are able to open this program again.

Please stay tuned for 2020 details.


Got Questions? We've Got Answers!
When you’re starting your application process, you’re sure to have questions.  We’ve gathered our most common questions here.
What is your giving timeframe?

Please stay tuned for more details.

Our mission doesn't exactly align with your giving purpose, should I still apply?

You can absolutely still apply, however preference will be given to those organizations who align with our giving purpose and are committed to a larger partnership with their local gym.

How do you choose the recipients?
Each gym has a giving committee made up of employees of that gym who live, work and play in the region you serve.  Applicants are chosen based on alignment with our giving purpose, possible impact of the gift, the partnership project(s) ideas submitted with the application, willingness to collaborate, potential for an ongoing relationship, as well as perceived community need.
I'm looking for a donation of your space and instructors. Is this where I apply?

In addition to our giving program, we often get requests from organizations that would like to bring in groups to experience climbing. If you work with people who don’t participate in climbing due to lack of awareness, access and resources and would like to be considered for discounted admission or donated space, please contact the gym director at the gym you would like to climb at.