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Climbing team

Our team programs foster a love of climbing and the mental challenges climbing can present. We focus on advanced technical skills and increased conditioning fueled by the support of fellow team members and friends.

Introductory Climbing Team

A once-a-week team for athletes with some climbing experience, who are hooked and want to learn more about climbing and the climbing community. This team introduces athletes to our team culture and community, teaches basic climbing skills, and helps athletes feel comfortable and excited to train with their peers. No competition participation required.

Price: $160/month (membership included)
Ages: 6-18
Prerequisites: After School Program or equivalent experience strongly recommended. Application and successful tryout is required.

Intermediate Climbing Team

A twice-a-week team for athletes who demonstrate love of the climbing community, enthusiasm to work with coaches and peers, and focus during practice. This team introduces athletes to physical, mental, and technical rock climbing skills as well as a more structured training environment. Participation in entry-level competitions encouraged.

Price: $205/month (membership included)
Ages: 6-18
Prerequisites: After School Program, Introductory Team or equivalent experience strongly recommended. Application and successful tryout is required.


Mon + Wed  4pm to 6pm
Tues + Thurs 4pm to 6pm

Advanced Climbing Team

A twice a week team for driven, focused, and mature athletes who demonstrate dedication to their team and mastery of basic climbing skills. This team introduces advanced movement skills, more extensive physical training, and preparation for performance situations. Participation in USA Climbing competitions strongly encouraged.

Price: $230/month (membership included)
Ages: 6-18
Prerequisites: Intro Team, Intermediate Team or equivalent experience. Application and successful tryout is required.


Mon + Wed  4pm to 6:30pm
Tues + Thurs 4pm to 6:30pm

Competitive Climbing Team

A three-times-per week team for exceptionally mature, driven, and dedicated athletes training for competition on the National stage and beyond. This team emphasizes sport-specific and competition-specific training. Participation in USA Climbing competitions is mandatory.

Price: $280/month (membership included)
Ages: 6 to 18
Prerequisites: Advanced Team or equivalent experience. Application and successful tryout is required.


Mon, Tues + Thur 4pm to 7pm



Get the calendar, team resources, coach contact info, and learn more about events and team happenings.



  • How can my child join team?

    Team is for youth ages 6-18. We ask that your child have the desire, passion and dedication to train for and excel at climbing. All candidates are asked to fill out a climbing team application. Once a space becomes available, our Head Coach will contact you to set up a tryout.

    We may have a long waitlist of climbers looking to get onto the team, so here are a few things that you should know to help get you on the waitlist and decide if team is right for your climber:

    • Our team typically runs at capacity so our waitlist can move slowly
    • On average we open 5-10 spots a year per gym
    • We ask that climbers who are looking to join team are able to climb at least 5.10a/b (without weighting the rope)
  • Is membership included?

    Yes! Membership is included as a benefit for kids who take part in team.

  • I am a member, do I get a discount?

    The cost of team covers the coaching and team practices, and a membership is included as a benefit. Team dues are not discounted further if your child is already a member, is part of a family membreship, or does not want a membership.

  • Can I freeze my team membership?

    Yes! Since the team meets year round, we understand that there will be times, either due to other sports or vacation, that you will want to place your team membership on hold. Team memberships are treated similarly to our regular monthly memberships; we can freeze or cancel your membership. Freezes must start on the 1st of the month, and cancels are effective on the last day of the month. Team accounts can be frozen for a maximum of 3 months. Please email us at sanfrancisco@planetgranite.com to freeze your membership.

  • What is the parent's role in team?

    Every participant and coach is choosing to be part of a team with a common mission to develop high-performing climbing athletes in a way that emphasizes fun, fosters a love of the sport, and supports each team member’s personal development and growth. The Code of Conduct spells out the manner in which we’ll achieve the team’s mission and lays out expectations for both coaches and team members. If at any time a parent, coach, or team member has a concern about the well-being of a team member, we encourage them to reach out to the Youth Protection Committee.